Cartoons: Heaven Help Us!

Comedy at the Pearly Gates.

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“Sorry, you’ll have to go back — they’re resuscitating you down there.”
September 1, 2002 



“Look at the price of those SUVs. It’s a living hell!”
July 1, 2004 



“Can I text just one last message?”
March 1, 2009 



“Sorry, but we’ve never gotten enough golfers here to make it worthwhile to put in a golf course.”
March 1, 2009 



“I miss talking about life-and-death issues.”
November 1, 1995 



“A world war, three car accidents, a hurricane, a fall down a flight of stairs, and it was that last handful of movie popcorn that did it.”
March 1, 1995  



“Oh, it’s nice here.
But I don’t feel right without underwear.”
March 1, 1995

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  1. AS a cartoonist I have always enjoyed reading SEP cartoons. Hope some day I’ll be reading mine in one of your magazines.

  2. Where is your sense of humor, Naoma> I found every one of them funny, keep up the good works, it is a bright spot in the day reading these cartoons.

  3. I loved the 1st one about resuscitation, the 3rd about text messaging and the 6th one about having survival irony. I can picture myself saying “Please let me keep these bankers boxes of family photos, diecast cars, and my copies of The Saturday Evening Post!”

  4. Naoma Foreman – Why don’t you send a funny one in that meets with your type of humor? Maybe we can chuckle at it, or maybe not! Funny Bonehead


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