Cartoons: Medical Merriment

These cartoons show that doctors and nurses need a lot of patience.

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October is Health Literacy Month, so it’s a great time to visit your doctor for a checkup. These cartoons featuring doctors and nurses might not make you healthier, but they can at least fix your funny bone!


Edgar Argo 


“Apparently, you have hangnail, hammertoe, and shingles. I’m going to refer you to a roofing contractor.”
Chuck Mikell



“You were having a bad hair day and it spread to your face. Fortunately, we caught it before it went any further.” 
Randy Glasbergen


“Give me the bad news, Doc. Am I going to live?” 
Chon Day


“I already diagnosed myself on the Internet. I either have three left kidneys, recurring puberty, or Dutch Elm disease.”
Randy Glasbergen


“You know, Doc, I thought all the ladies were whistling at me until I discovered it was my hearing aid.” 
E. Needham


“If you ask me, I think a lollipop is a poor trade-off for a shot in the arm.” 
Steve Paul

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  1. Gosh it’s hard to pick a favorite out of the medical humor. I love the man who practiced his cough all night. And the doctor who is referring his patient to a roofing contractor! Then there’s the man who self-diagnoses by going on the internet. I remember when my mother-in-law and I watched ‘Marcus Welby, M.D.’ on TV many years ago and I swear one of us would get the symptoms of his patients soon after! I love seeing these cartoons. Laughter is so good for us. Thank you, all cartoonists!

  2. As an cartoonist I would like to know on what issue are you accepting cartoons for.
    Ray Val


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