What Would You Do for a Million Dollars?

A Roper study from 1967 suggested some Americans would go to extremes for such a large sum

Man offering an employee with a stack of cash
Larry Kritcher, © SEPS

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Of the people polled, 1 percent would leave their families, 4 percent would yield citizenship, 10 percent would marry someone they didn’t love, 11 percent would permanently give up friends, 12 percent would take off their clothes in public, 13 percent would serve a year’s jail term on a framed charge, 14 percent would take the dangerous job in which they had a 1-in-10 chance of losing their life. But 21 percent would become a beggar for a year.

—“How We Feel about Our Money” by
Max Gunter, December 30, 1967

Read “How We Feel About Our Money” from the December 30, 1967, issue of the Post.

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