Answers to “Rockwell or Not?”

Can you spot the Rockwell? Here are the answers to our “Rockwell or Not” cover gallery.

Man tripping on skis

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Here are the answers to the “Rockwell or Not” cover gallery.

  • Santa Behind Window, December 27, 1919: J. C. Leyendecker
  • Wipeout on Skis, March 3, 1928: Eugene Iverd
  • Hunter and Spaniel, November 3, 1928: F. Kernan
  • Tipping the Scales, October 3, 1936: Leslie Thrasher
  • Sport, April 29, 1939: Norman Rockwell
  • Two Flirts, July 26, 1941: Norman Rockwell
  • Newsstand in the Snow, December 20, 1941: Norman Rockwell
  • Working on the Statue of Liberty, July 6, 1946: Norman Rockwell

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