Cartoons: Our Favorite Critters

Have you ever tried to keep raccoons out of the trash? Or had to deal with squirrels demanding birdseed? Our cartoonists have these animals pegged!

A very obese cat sits on a kitchen counter next to a can opener and a pile of opened cat food cans. His owners stare at him.

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We have decades of unique critter cartoons from The Saturday Evening Post going back to 1957. Here is just a sampling!

Lone Ranger From Mar/Apr 95

Mar/Apr 1995


From Sept 87

September 8, 1987


From November 12, 1960

November 12, 1960


"It's been like this ever since she learned to work the can opener." From Sept/Oct 98

“It’s been like this ever since
she learned to work the can opener.”
Sept/Oct 1998


"Difficult, Yes, but not impossible" From Sept/Oct 1997

“Difficult, Yes, but not impossible”
Sept/Oct 1997


"Honey... the bird feeder is out of seed again!" From May/June 04

“Honey… the bird feeder is out of seed again!”
May/June 2004


From Mar/Apr 1996

Mar/Apr 1996


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  1. Not sure how I missed this one last March, but oh well. Numbers 3 and 4 are my favorites. This fat cat is eating her way into oblivion and loves every minute of it!

  2. I have a bird feeder in my backyard, but about 13 years ago when we moved into this house, I had a mother and her young baby come to the outside screen door and stand up to beg for food every morning. They would both back up so that I could open the screen door and throw them their treats. I did this for more than a year when they suddenly disappeared. I still miss this experience!


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