Cartoons: Murphy’s Law

The old adage states, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” We have the proof right here.

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Tight rope performer looks on in alarm as an eagle lands on his balancing pole.
Summer 1971


Man paints the title of his boat, "Common Sense", upside-down.
May/June 2008


Car driver on a narrow mountain road goes the wrong way.
May 13, 1961


Injured man speaks to his wife as she sits next to his hospital bed.
“Then, without warning, my motor died—and he heard what I was calling him.”


Wrecking ball crew breaks open an occupied building as the tennants look at them in horror. The crew's team leader looks at his chart, realizing that they are at the wrong address.
“Let’s have another peek at that address.”


A mother reacts when her son told her that he sold her baby to a bus passenger. The bus is speeding away in the background.
“Oh, I just rented Judy to a lady who wanted to get a seat on the bus.”
December 25, 1943


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  1. I love these too, especially the 1943, ’57, ’61 and ’71! Maybe you guys could find some vintage Henry Syverson material to feature on the new website here. There has to be an interesting story on these heartwarming, funny/mischievous cartoon figures and their decades-long relationship with the magazine. It could even be a fun future feature for David Apatoff, definitely being art of the Post.

  2. I wld like to see more of HENRY SYVERSON
    He draw nice fine drawings without words but of a quality that was (and still is) EXCELLENT.
    And special to the Post Scripts he made very good “cartoons”
    Post Scripts is where letters from readers were published


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