Cartoons: Ghoul’s Night Out

It's time to eat, drink, and be scary!

Upset witch talks to her sisters at a brewing pot.

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Witches' brooms rest on a brick wall as they occupy a parking space. Sign above the brooms reads "Witches Parking Only. Others Will Be Toad"
Sep/Oct 1995


Trick or treaters on the front porch of a house with strewn candy and Holloween candy pails on the floor in front of the door
“Bobby … something tells me we should skip this house.” Sep/Oct 1993


A vampire sits in a barber's chair while the stylist holds a mirror behind him. The vampire's reflection is not shown.
“Let’s have a look-see at the back and—hey—what the… Now, isn’t that the darndest thing!” Oct 1988


Upset witch talks to her sisters at a brewing pot.
“Salem was socked in, so I had to land in Pawtucket.” Oct 1980


Dissapointed trick or treatings look into their candy bags.
“Hey! This isn’t candy! It’s leftovers.” Oct 1988


A trick or treater looks eagerly into her bag while her parents look at eachother.
“I got candy bars, chewing gum, two kittens…” Oct 1988

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