Post Travels: The Beauty of Armstrong Woods

With beautiful redwoods, cool streams, and fewer crowds that Muir Woods, this Sonoma County destination might be the perfect way to greet autumn.

Leaf on a tree in Armstrong Woods

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Visitors to the San Francisco Bay Area flock to Muir Woods National Monument by the carload. But for those willing to venture a bit father to the north, Armstrong Woods State Natural Reserve quietly awaits. Located in Sonoma County’s quirky city of Guerneville, there’s no need to reserve parking or book a shuttle. As this video shows, depending on the time of day, you could have the towering grove of redwoods — many growing before the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock — practically all to yourself.

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  1. What a wonderful idea—and video! I really want to do this for a beautiful “out of state” (for all intents and purposes) autumn experience. I’m certainly not going to get it in L.A., Dana. Hot weather, wicked winds and (most likely) more fires soon? Unfortunately yes.

    I still have a mid-west/east coast romanticized “Post cover” view that somehow autumn will be like that, with the leaves, cool breezes and deep blue skies. It actually HAS happened here, but not since 2004. One of the few upsides about living in this expensive state are the beautiful escapes just hours away, where you CAN experience autumn—for real.

    Going off season and taking advantage of good deals keep travel costs down. I have to find the time to do it, somehow. On my way up to Sonoma County, there are a lot of wonderful ‘nook and cranny’ small towns along the way I’ll want to visit. It might just take a few days to get up there and come back. Sounds good to me!


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