July/August 2018 Limerick Laughs Winner and Runners-Up

A Kiss for Ice Cream by Henry Hintermeister, June 1, 1936, © SEPS

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A few years too early, this miss,
If she thinks he is won by a kiss.
With the passage of time,
He may find her sublime,
But for now it’s the ice cream that’s bliss.

Congratulations to Linda Fein of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! For her limerick describing this Henry Hintermeister illustration, she wins $25 and our gratitude for a job well done.

If you’d like to enter the Limerick Laughs Contest for our upcoming issue, submit your limerick via our online entry form.

In no particular order, here are some of our other favorite entries to this limerick contest:

He never had felt quite like this,
Sitting next to this sweet little miss.
Should he share? Should he not?
He was in a tight spot,
Till his mind was made up by a kiss.
—Joyce Petrichek, Finleyville, Pennsylvania

Her one brush with fame had been hid.
Now we’ve learned what this clever girl did:
She hatched a good scheme
To get some ice cream
By kissing the Campbell’s soup kid.
—Brian Federico, Clyde, New York

This shy little boy was well known
For eating his lunch all alone,
But one little kiss
From a sassy young miss
And he gave her the whole ice cream cone.
—Kenneth Lee, Raytown, Missouri

This shy and retiring young girl
Had hidden her feelings for Earl,
But suddenly felt
Determined to melt
His heart and his Strawberry Swirl!
—Jeff Foster, San Francisco, California

The little girl promised a kiss,
Saying, “It will be something like this.”
As she grabbed round his neck,
He said, “What the heck!
My ice cream is worth more than this!”
—Shirley Grant, Whitewater, Wisconsin

I’m on to your game little Flo!
When there’s ice cream, you’re nice to your bro —
It’s one of your tricks
To get three or four licks,
But I’m sorry, the answer is “No!”
—Gene Newman, Parsippany, New Jersey

As the peck on my cheek draws near,
My heart should be ready to cheer.
But, alas, common sense
Cries it’s all just pretense —
It’s the ice cream you’re after, my dear.
—Walter Flinn, Phoenix, Arizona

The girl with the bow in her hair
Gives a kiss but gets back a hard stare.
When you have just one cone
That you think is your own,
It really is so hard to share!
—Sharon Melberg, Folsom, California

There was a young girl who said —
As she kissed a young boy on the head —
“Kissing is fun
When you’re kissing your ‘hon,’
But I’d rather lick ice cream instead.”
—Jim Salyer, Sullivan, Indiana

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  1. If Jan/Feb went out in late Dec., then March/April would go out in late Feb. So I guess that answers my question. I’m wondering when you let the limerick winners know? Do they find out as soon as you choose them or when the issue comes out?

  2. Thank you for your speedy reply. I did not know there was a one issue delay in announcing the winners. That makes sense. When will the March-April issue come out, approximately?

  3. Nov/Dec 2018 winners and runners-up will be announced concurrently with the publication of the March/April 2019 issue. Remember: There is a one-issue delay in announcing limerick contest winners. Entries were accepted until the 26th of December; by that time, the Jan/Feb 2019 issue was already going into the mail.


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