The Saturday Evening Post History Minute: America Invades Russia (100 Years Ago)

Near the end of World War I, America found itself embroiled in the Russian conflict between Lenin’s Bolsheviks and the many forces that opposed them.

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100 years ago, America invaded Russia in an effort to cut off the Germans and defeat the Lenin’s Bolsheviks. Find out what happened in this lesser known World War I conflict.

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  1. Our flops in foreign activity comes from arguing over it more than the attempt was wrong. Vietnam could have been a win over communism in SE Asia. 100 years ago would have been the perfect time to defeat communism in Russia before it enslaved a country. It was too late when we adopted them as an ally.

  2. This is an early example of the United States getting involved in a war it had no business being involved in, that no doubt later played a huge role in creating the Cold War with Russia in the mid-late 20th century, with the ever-present looming dark shadows of annihilation at any time.

    Our involvement in the ’60s and ’70s in Vietnam was another example, and Iraq/Afghanistan in this century (also to no avail) shows we keep making the same mistakes. Different countries, different times, but with the commonality of butting in where we don’t belong, are not wanted, with men and women giving their lives for something they can’t fix. 16, 17 years now with the current situation that doesn’t look like it’ll be ending anytime soon.

    The only ones benefiting from this is our government and the U.S. Military. It’s been a cash cow for them, and they’re the ones in control. Good luck in getting them to end it. One of the theories of JFK’s assassination is that he was determined to end U.S. involvement in Vietnam before it would get out of control. LBJ would ‘play ball’ with them, so Kennedy had to ‘go’. LBJ later realized what an out of control horrible mess it grew into, and couldn’t stop. It all comes down to the evil destruction of greed, which has unfortunately almost always triumphed over good down through the ages.


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