Cartoons: Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping can be stressful, so we hope these cartoons help you keep your sense of humor!

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Holiday shopping can be stressful, so we hope these cartoons help you keep your sense of humor!

A holiday shopper walks into her living room arms full of gifts, telling her husband that she is done shopping for herself.
“I solved the problem of what to get me.”
January/February 1999
A holiday shopper checks in with the Lost and Found counter hoping to find her missing husband. Behind the clerk is a crowd of confused men.
“Can you describe him?”
November/December 1998
A mother, overloaded with holiday gifts, shops for Christmas trees with her daughter, deciding on a bent pine that resembles the mother's posture.
“What do you mean you ‘can relate’ to this one?”
November/December 2003
Two men chat in a department store as they wait for their wives to complete their holiday shopping.
“My wife is shopping. I’m in wait-training.”
November/December 2003
A holiday shopper informs her husband that she spent a lot of their money on gifts.
“I disposed of our disposable income.”
November/December 1994
Two department store clerks look on as a wake of buzzards pick through clothes that have been knocked off a rack.
“Yeah, the Christmas stuff looks a little picked over.”
November/December 2003
Two archaeologists examine Egyptian hieroglyphics, stunned that they translate to a holiday shopping advertisement.
“I’m telling you, it says, ‘Only ten shopping days ‘til Christmas.’”
December 1982

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  1. Upon further reviewing these cartoons, I’ve got to say the lady in the coat (one up from the bottom) has a face and hairstyle that just GOES with the those 3 buzzards. She’s wonderful, as is this whole group!


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