Did We Say That?: Demon Rum (and Soft Drinks)

The only thing sensible people ever drank, said the editors, was water.

Woman sipping soda at a bar.
(Anne Estelle Rice; © SEPS)

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Browsing through our archives, we sometimes find some surprising opinions. This editorial is  from the December 9, 1905, issue of the Post.

About 90 out of every 100 murders are done by habitual drinkers when drunk. We know that crimes are all plotted in the dives and dens that flourish through the drink habit. The whole business issues from the instinct for sociability. Two friends meet and wish to have a talk. The convenient place is the saloon; the natural aid to free conversation is drink. It is a stupid performance. Nothing is worse for the general fiber of the body than gulping down liquids, other than water — water being one of the two great free natural foods of the body. To drink “soft stuffs” or “hard” is more or less to poison and debilitate oneself.

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