Cartoons: Be My Valentine

Did you forget to pick up candy and flowers? Maybe your sweetheart would like a Valentine’s Day cartoon instead!

Woman greets a stranger with a large bouquet of roses.

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Man buying Valentine's Day candy for himself.
February 13, 1960


Creepy window washer wipes a heart-shape out of a foggy glass as he gazes at a working woman
Dan Q. Brown
February 13, 1954


Suitor holds his box of candy out of reach from his date's screaming kids.
“Good evening, Mr. Morse…is Eunice at home?”
Dick Cavalli
February 11, 1950


Woman greets a stranger with a large bouquet of roses.
“Oh, how sweet of you…whoever you are.”
Irwin Caplan
February 14, 1948


Woman and man talking in store
“I had in mind a valentine that wouldn’t commit me in any way.”
Mary Gibson
February 14, 1948


Man and woman examining candies
“These are yeast bars, these contain vitamins A and B, and the square ones have C and D.”
Mary Gibson
February 15, 1947


Two people in stereotypical Inuit clothing share a Valentine's heart made out of ice carved from a frozen lake's surface.
Al Kaufman
February 13, 1960


Hockey player makes a heart in the ice.
“Try to get a grip on yourself, Harrigan.”
Ned Hilton
February 13, 1937


A date
“Was it Keats who said — no, it was Shelley — no, Keats — or was it Walt Whitman?”
Roy Fox
February 13, 1960

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  1. I can’t get over the top one. Wow. The simplicity of the secretary’s desk in the 2nd one is great, though she would have had a phone and intercom–I think.

    The lack of commitment in #5, and the mentioning of vitamins in #6 were kind of ahead of their times, and must have struck the readers at mid-century as particularly odd in addition to being funny.


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