Surprising Presidential Firsts

Can you name the first president born in a hospital, the first to ride on a train, or the first to cross the Atlantic? Test yourself with our list of presidential firsts!

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  1. William Henry Harrison was the first SITTING President to be photographed. Photographs exist of John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson but were taken after they left Office. You might want to edit that statement in the video to state that Harrison was the first SITTING president to be photographed. Thank you.

  2. I’m sorry to object: Nixon had many more negatives than positives. Staring when he allied with Joe McCarthy in Congress. Later, promoting war in Asia, invading sovereign countries for his own purpose of war, lying to the American public about his aims, and finally, his involvement with the break-in at the Democratic Party headquarters which led to his resignation rather than impeachment. Carter, on the other hand, was an under-rated president who had obstinate politicians against him. Carter still remains one of the great humanitarians of our time.

  3. Really love this video on Presidential ‘firsts’. They’re all really interesting, but two of my favorites here are the firsts of Teddy Roosevelt and Benjamin Harrison. It might seem quaint or even foolish President Harrison was afraid of electrocution by touching a light switch, and opted to sleep with the lights on, but we don’t know what he witnessed or heard about that made him fearful. As a kid drawn to electrical sockets, plugs and having a jolt of electricity go through my body (more than once!) I can understand his fears. It was also a new phenomenon at that time.

    Thanks for the positive firsts on both Presidents Nixon and Carter. The time has definitely come for these Presidents to be appreciated and remembered for their accomplishments during their terms of office, and afterwards!


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