Cartoons: Play Ball!

Opening Day of Major League Baseball is here, so we’re offering a little humor to go with your home runs!

Baseball cartoons

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“It’s sure tough for a new pitcher to come in… with bases loaded and Williams at bat!”
Clyde Lamb
September 18, 1948


Baseball player at bat, marvelling at a baseball as it flies over home plate.
“Well I’ll be!…They do look different from back here!”
H. Middlecamp
July 17, 1948


A sad baseball player as he watches a pitch go over the plate.
“Beautiful pitch! I don’t believe he even saw it go by!”
Tom Henderson
July 10, 1948


Man talking to a baseball player through a hole in the fence
“Pardon me, could I trouble you for the score?”
Bob Gallivan
June 26, 1948


A pitcher swinging wildly during a baseball game.
“Pitchers, as a rule, aren’t heavy hitters.”
Tom Henderson
May 29, 1948


An announcer listing a player's statistics during a baseball game
“And here comes Mickey Hearn looking for his second hit in today’s game: his sixth hit in this World Series; his 132nd hit of the season; his 481st hit in this ball park; his 517th hit off a left-hander; his 1318th hit in the majors; his…”
Irwin Caplan
October 16, 1948

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