Cartoons: Bad Guys

The humor in these villainous cartoons from the 1940s is downright criminal!

Cops on a porch swing ready to pounce on a criminal

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Man leaving a message for a chairman's secretary.
“It doesn’t matter about this name. Just tell him it’s his blackmailer.”
November 6, 1948


Cops on a porch swing ready to pounce on a criminal
“Remember men – he’s probably armed, so it’s important that we take him by surprise.”
Tom Henderson
July 17, 1948


Crook wakes a woman up, telling her she was having a nightmare.
“You was having a nightmare.”
Bob Dell
June 19, 1948


Crooks meet in a prison yard
“Glad to meet you, Lefty. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about you.”
B Tobey
May 15, 1948


Salesman at the door of crooks' hideout
“May I have a few words with the lady of the house?”
May 8, 1948


Man pickpocketing on a train
“For heaven’s sakes, where do you keep your money – in your socks?”
Stan Hunt
November 20, 1948


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  1. My favorites here are numbers three, five and six. I love the expressions on the burglar’s face and the lady he awoke, how the salesman came by asking for the lady of the house, and finally the frustrated burglar basically asking outright where the guy keeps his money, for heaven’s sakes!


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