Cartoons: Political Machine

Washington, D.C. is a pretty humorless place these days, so we went back to our mid-century archives to find a few legislative laughs!

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“Maybe there’s only ten of them now, but just wait till the bureaucrats get to work.”


“I know I promised you a new hat if I was elected, but you know how I am about campaign promises.”
B. Tobey
November 27, 1948


“Like I say, senator. When it comes to Federal spending, you can’t beat the American know-how.”
May 20, 1950


“Have we got it straight now? I move that the report of the development committee be dispensed with. Joe here seconds the motion, and you, Pete, try to look disappointed.”
Burr Shafer
May 15, 1950
“For a minute this deficit had me worried…I forgot I was working for the Government.”
Roland Coe
April 29, 1950


“Something one of the candidates said, dear?”
Carl Rose
April 15, 1944


“Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., credibility fell another seven points, reaching a new low for the year.”
Marty Bucella

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