Cartoons: Vacation Nation

It’s time for some holiday hijinks!

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A vacationer and her tour guide attempt to navigate a narrow cliff ledge on horseback. The horses are clinging to the cliff wall by their hooves, not unlike how humans would try to scale a wall.
“To tell the truth — we get a little nervous along this stretch ourselves.”
Frank Owen
September 16, 1950


A family arrives at their house after a long summer vacation. No one wants to leave the car, because of the condition of their unkempt home.
“We’re home — isn’t anyone going to get out?”
Mort Walker
September 16, 1950


A rowdy family arrives at their straight-laced relative's doorstep, happy that they were able to get at the place despite the intentionally poor directions.
“You’re terrible at giving directions, Ed. If it wasn’t for a guy in a gas station who knows you, we would’ve ended up nowhere near here.”
Jeff Keate
August 12, 1950


A couple arrive at their house after summer vacation. The man comments on how the high grass hides the newspapers left by the delivery person.
“At least the lawn I forgot to have mowed hides most of the newspapers you forgot to have stopped.”
Larry Harris
August 4, 1951


Two men talk in a crowded parking lot. They are forced to stay at their vacation place because it is impossible to leave due to the traffic.
“We arrived here four months ago…intending to stay just overnight…but!…”
Clyde Lamb
July 22, 1950


A family is forced to share a bed because the father refused to make a reservation.
“No need to wire ahead for reservations…”
Chas. Cartwright
June 30, 1951


Two men talk on a beach.
“’Listen,’ I said to her, ‘this year we’re going to the mountains…’”
Chon Day
June 30, 1951


A man waits for his wife to take a photo of him on a rocky shore, while a wave is about to crash on top of him.
“Go on, snap it! How long do you think I’m going to stand here?”
Larry Harris
June 30, 1951

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