Cartoons: Levity on the Links

These mid-century cartoons show that not a lot has changed when it comes to our grief over golf!

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Golfer cries a warning as the golf ball he just hit ricocheted off a tree and towards a passerby.
November 4, 1950


Salesman peddles the golf balls he stole from the course.
John Dirks
September 8, 1951


Impatient groom with a set of golf clubs asks his bride if the ceremony is going to take the entire morning; he wants to golf.
“Well, this isn’t going to take all morning, is it?”
Mort Walker
September 8, 1951


Two golfers carry an enormous duvet back to the damaged lawn.
“Try and relax, Ed! Don’t swing so hard!”
August 19, 1950


Golfs try to find a ball lost in high grass; however, a snake can be seen with three balls in its stomach.
Ed Nofziger
July 15, 1950


Two boys carry a golf bag to a golfer.
“We’re your caddie!”
Frank Ridgeway
June 30, 1951


Two women, in search for their husbands, find a golf club that's violently twisted around a tree.
“This one’s still warm — we must be right behind them.”
Bob Barnes
December 2, 1950


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