Saturday Evening Post History Minute: 100 Years of Transatlantic Flight

100 years ago, two Englishmen became the first pilots to cross the Atlantic in under 24 hours. We recount their harrowing journey.

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  1. A fascinating look at aviation feats that have somehow (cough) been ‘left out’ of our history books. I’m sorry the NC-4 lost out due to the length of time it took, but they still made it. The story of John and Arthur is astounding with serious problems that could have killed them at almost any point along the way.

    Electrical failures, an engine failure, only being 100 ft. from crashing into the ocean and much more. I’m glad they’re getting credit from America’s most reputable source, The Saturday Evening Post, of course. Lindbergh’s flight is still a proud achievement, but John and Arthur’s even more so. An 8 year difference back then in the early years of flight was huge, and I’m sure Lindbergh had technological/safety advantages not around yet in 1919.


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