Top 10 Summer Reads for 2019

Every month, Amazon staffers sift through hundreds of new books searching for gems. Here's what Amazon editor Chris Schluep chose especially for Post readers this summer.


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The cover for the novel, The Guest BookThe Guest Book

by Sarah Blake

An intergenerational family saga set in Maine that examines what we inherit and what we forget.

(Flatiron Books)

The cover for the novel, "Ask Again, Yes"Ask Again, Yes

by Mary Beth Keane

After a conflict between two families separates two eighth graders, they find their way back to each other as adults, but echoes from the past test their relationship.


Cover for the novel, "City of Girls"City of Girls

by Elizabeth Gilbert

An aging woman recounts her time as a college dropout, when she fell into the New York theater scene and discovered the freedom to be her truest self.

(Riverhead Books)

Cover for the novel, "The Flight Portfolio"The Flight Portfolio

by Julie Orringer

A historical novel about a real-life American who journeyed to occupied Europe to save the work, and the lives, of Jewish artists fleeing the Holocaust.


The cover for the novel, "Prairie Fever"Prairie Fever

by Michael Parker

Two sisters raised in hardscrabble 1900s Oklahoma fall for the same school teacher from out of town this moving novel set against the backdrop of the prairie.

(Algonquin Books)


Cover for the book, "Bitcoin Billionaires"Bitcoin Billionairs

by Ben Mezrich

Mezrich first introduced the Winkelvoss twins as foils to Mark Zuckerberg in his best-selling book The Accidental Billionaires. Now he looks at the twins’ big bet on cryptocurrency.

(Flatiron Books)

Cover for the book, "D-Day Girls"D-Day Girls

by Sarah Rose

With Britain’s men already engaged in WWII, a group of women step up as Churchill’s special team of saboteurs in France to “set Europe ablaze,” and ultimately set the stage for D-Day.


Cover for the book, UpheavalUpheaval

by Jared Diamond

Seven years after the publication of his last book, the author of Guns, Germs, and Steel returns with an examination of why some countries recover from trauma and others don’t.

(Little, Brown, & Co.)

Cover for the book, "The British Are Coming"The British Are Coming

by Rick Atkinson

The first volume in a lively, enlightening, character-focused trilogy of the American Revolution, written by a Pulitzer-winning author.

(Henry Holt)

Cover for the book "How to Raise Successful People"How to Raise Successful People

by Esther Wojcicki

A legendary teacher (she raised three successful daughters and even inspired Steve Jobs) shares her tried-and-true methods for raising great kids.

(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

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