10 Frighteningly Funny Finds for Halloween 2019

Having trouble finding something new and unusual in terms of Halloween costumes, decorations, or treats? We’ve got you covered.

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Part of the “treat” of Halloween is the discovery of something new. Whether it’s a new decoration or a clever new costume or even a new kind of candy, every year brings fresh spins on old institutions. This year, we looked at five finds that tend toward the funny while still capturing the spirt (or spirits) of the season. From everyone’s favorite killer clown to a second home for your cat, here are some new things for the trick-or-treater (or aspiring PBS host) in you.

1. Target’s Basic Cat Scratcher – Hyde & EEK! Boutique™

Haunted House
Target’s Basic Cat Scratcher from their Hyde & EEK! Boutique™ (©Target Brands, Inc.)

It’s a cat scratcher! It’s a haunted house! It’s a two-story cat scratcher haunted house!  Target’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique™ went all in this year with a number of unique designs. This one broke through early, receiving attention from bloggers and social media. The deceptively simple idea offers functionality with the scratcher pads and the general whimsy of its appearance. It also folds down to store. (Approx. $16.99)

2. Gemmy Skeleton Organ Scene

Gemmy Skeleton Organ Scene
Gemmy Skeleton Organ Scene (©2019 Gemmy Industries)

Available from outlets like Lowe’s, this 7-foot inflatable comes from Gemmy, known for such air-born décor as Disney characters and horror icons like Freddy and Jason. This one falls on the fun side, with a top hat-wearing skeleton playing a massive pipe organ. The scene also lights up. (Approx. $159.00)

3. Pennywise Sewer Grabber from HollyDel

Pennywise Sewer Grabber
Pennywise Sewer Grabber (from HollyDel; officially licensed Warner Bros. product)

The Pennywise Sewer Grabber is certainly appropriate this year, given the release of huge success of It: Chapter 2. Stephen King’s killer clown is motion-activated and literally grabs you from a sewer grate. It even comes with a red balloon. It’s already a little off-putting, but the light up eyes make it worse (or better, depending on your point-of-view). This charmer can be found at Party City and other outlets. (Approx. $149.99)

4. “Nicest Neighbor” and “Happy Tree Painter” Costumes

Sexy Mister Rogers costume
Nicest Neighbor and Happy Tree Painter Costumes by Yandy (©Yandy)

We can’t decide if these are funny or signs of the inevitable apocalypse. Certainly, humanity has finally gone a bridge too far. While the “sassy” or “sexy” subset of Halloween costumes is nothing new, we’ve entered a new frontier when the categories run to “gentle and beloved PBS hosts.” They’re made by Yandy, known for lingerie, activewear, and previous Halloween horrors like the Sexy Sewer Rat costume. (Approx. $50-$60)

5. Inflatable Alien Abduction Costume by Declare Costumes

Inflatable Alien Costume by Declare Costumes

Now this is just clever. Though the inflatable “horse and rider” or “unicorn and rider” style of costumes have existed for a while now, this takes that idea and turns it on its extraterrestrial head.  Your head and arms remain free while giving the illusion that you’re being carried away for testing or some human zoo. The way that the alien leans back provides an air of reality in the illusion; it really looks like the big green man has to put in some effort to lift his human prey. You can find these at online and retail outlets in kid and adult sizes. (Approx. $35-$70)

6. Action Hero Dog Costume by US Costumes

Action Hero Dog Costume (by US Costumes)

A classic The Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson features that armed nemesis of the mailman, Rexbo. This costume works in a similar vein, paying homage to the action heroes of the ‘80s, but in canine form. This is pretty timely, too, when you consider that Stallone’s John Rambo is back in theatres for the first in eleven years with Rambo: Last Blood. Good boy; now go find some POWs. ($20.10 via Google Shopping)

7. Finger Food Halloween Decoration from Oriental Trading

Finger Food Halloween Decoration (©Oriental Trading)

Spooky treats are a Halloween mainstay, and sometimes the simplest twists can turn a treat in a pretty funny trick. Take for example the “Finger Food” decoration. Slip that among the snack spread and watch that particularly jumpy guest flip out.  ($4.69 per piece)

8. FunkO’s Disney Villain Cereals

Ursula Funko cereal box
Urusla FunkO’s Disney Villain cereal (©Funko; ©Disney)

Funko makes extremely popular collectibles in their signature style, the most well-known of which are the aptly named Pops, which pull from every corner of popular culture. This year, Funko has combined their appropriately named FunkO’s cereal with an assortment of Disney villains. Each box comes with a Pocket Pop of their cover star, and the choices include the likes of Maleficient, Ursula, Hades, the Evil Queen, Cruella DeVile, and Oogie Boogie (from The Nightmare Before Christmas). (Approx. $10.99)

9. Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast Pumpkin Spiced Rum

Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast Pumpkin Spiced Rum (©Captain Morgan)

Strictly for the adults, Captain Morgan brought back its Jack-O’Blast Pumpkin Spiced Rum. The limited edition drink has 30% alcohol-by-volume, and is recommended for both chilled shots and mixes. It is not, however, recommended for dropping into trick-o-treat bags, unless maybe it’s for an adult dressed as a pirate. And even then, you should still have questions. (Approx. $16.99)

10. Ouija Fleece Blanket from Hasbro

Fleece Blanket
Ouija Fleece Blanket (©Hasbro)

Summon the spirits of the dead and stay warm at the same time! The Ouija Fleece Blanket from Hasbro (the toy company that also makes the infamous board game) doesn’t include a planchette, but it is five feet of creepy comfort. It’s also machine-washable, which isn’t a quality you necessarily find in séance-related items. (Approx. $24.99)


Featured image: HollyDel; officially licensed Warner Bros. product.

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