Books That Will Put a Spring in Your Step

Every month, Amazon staffers sift through hundreds of new books searching for gems. Here’s what Amazon editor Al Woodworth chose especially for Post readers for spring reading.


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“PrettyPretty Things

by Janelle Brown

In a dazzling, twisty, page- turning novel, two brilliant, but damaged women — one a con artist, the other an heiress — try to survive a high-stakes game of deceit, destruction, and desire.

(Random House)

“AllAll Adults Here

by Emma Straub

After Astrid sees a lifelong acquaintance get hit and killed by an empty school bus, the memories it triggers begin to unwind her life and the lives of those she loves.

(Riverhead Books)

Catherine House book coverCatherine House

by Liz Moore

A suspenseful page-turner about what happens behind the locked gates of an elite college when a secret is unearthed by a rebellious and curious undergrad.

(Custom House)

The Last Trial bookThe Last Trial

by Scott Turrow

In this explosive courtroom drama, two formidable men collide: a renowned doctor accused of murder and his lifelong friend, who promises to defend him.

(Grand Central Publishing)

The Jane Austen Society bookThe Jane Austen Society

by Natalie Jenner

After WWII ends, an unusual but like- minded group of people rally to save the last relics of their town’s most famous resident, Jane Austen.

(St. Martin’s Press)


“AA Very Punchable Face

by Colin Jost

The Saturday Night Live head writer hilariously lays bare his life inside the show, touring as a stand-up comedian, being saved by Jimmy Buffett — even competing in Wrestlemania.


Sympathy for the Drummer bookSympathy for the Drummer

by Mike Edison

Charlie Watts may be the least-known member of the Rolling Stones, but as this book shows, his energy and talent have been essential to their success — a must-have book for all Stones fans.

(Backbeat Books)

Farther Than 26.2 Miles bookFarther Than 26.2 Miles

by Cheryl Collins Gatons

A heartbreaking, inspiring memoir about how running brought the author to the love of her life, how it took him away from her, and how it helped her survive after he was gone.

(Palmetto Publishing)

Think Like a Monk bookThink Like a Monk

by Jay Shetty

The former monk and social media star taps into what he learned at ashrams to help his listeners and readers find peace, purpose, and joy.

(Simon & Schuster)


byStephanie Danler

The best-selling author of the novel Sweetbitter tells her own story about growing up in a family shattered by lies and addiction, getting sober, and learning to forgive.


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