Logophile: Summer Brain Teasers

If you've been doing your post-prandial studies, you'll probably ace this quiz.

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  1. As the election nears, volunteers will ______ neighborhoods to drum up support for their candidates.
    1. canvas
    2. canvass
  2. Benjamin enjoys a post-prandial drink. He always takes a nip of brandy after he finishes
    1. eating dinner.
    2. reading a book.
    3. having sex.
  3. What letter that appears in the name of 11 U.S. states does not appear in the name of any state capital?


  1. b
  2. a
  3. W

—Andy Hollandbeck is the Post’s copy editor and managing editor

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  1. Well, I got the first two correct, although it was between ‘a’ & ‘c’ on number two. Our favorite Founding Father was quite the ladies man. I’m sure there was a ‘post-‘ term for that too. In fact I know there is, but a gentleman shalt not say here. I’ve been concentrating on the ‘big’ features in the new issue and didn’t see this feature yet.

    I always look but rarely ever find Ben Franklin’s key, Andy. “Thou shalt be more discriminating when sleuthing through the pages of my magazine son for knowledge sought, and thee may find what he seeks unexpectedly.”


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