Cartoons: Election Time

Voting is serious business, but we manage to find some comedy on the campaign trail and bemusement at the ballot box!

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Two men talking about an upcoming election in a bar filled with FDR memorabilia
“Frankly, I almost have to vote for him. I can’t stand the expense of redecoration!”
Jeff Keate
October 7, 1944


women agree to meet after the election after their husbands beat the crud out of each other over a political argument
“We must get together again…sometime after the election.”
Bill King
September 13, 1952


An aide congratulates his boss after he gives a speech during a senatorial campaign.
“Great speech, sir. I liked the straightforward way you dodged those issues.”
July 12, 1952


Elephant grabs a man out of a window with his trunk while campaigning for a political candidate
“You’ve got to hand it to Ribley, he certainly gets out the vote.”
March 15, 1952


Man talks to his friend about his physical injuries, which were apparently caused by someone who claimed he doesn't care about politics
“All I can say is, for a guy who never bothers to vote, he certainly takes politics seriously.”
Stan Hunt
December 8, 1951


A candidate and his team leaves a crowd at a train station, with a mother's baby
“One of the most appreciative crowds I’ve ever talked to…look at that woman, she’s still waving!”
Clyde Lamb
December 1, 1951


Woman returns to a polling place asking if she can change her vote.
“I know I voted this morning, but I’ve changed my mind.”
David Pascal
November 5, 1955


Woman asks her husband for the name of a candidate at the voting booth
“What’s the name of that man I simply despise?”
Don Tobin
November 4, 1950


Woman binds her husband to a chair so that he doesn't thrash about while hearing the election returns.
“There now, I think we’re ready to hear the election returns.”
Mary Gibson
November 4, 1944

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  1. I’ll go with number 2 this week even though I can’t relate (at all!) to arguing much less fighting over politics, candidates and political parties. Both are bought and paid for by Wall Street and large corporations and are beholden to them, and their bottom lines.

    Less than 60 people own half or slightly over half of America’s wealth. It’s wrong, infuriating but what can I do? I used to hear my grandparents say “vote the bums out.” Sounds fine in theory, except they’ll be another group, then another one and another one because it’s a rigged system for rich. That’s why I’m an Independent and generally never get too aggravated with it until I became a furloughed employee, having to sweat it out since July to the whims of politicians (McConnell/Pelosi/Mnuchin/Meadows) and Congress and the Senate, torturing already suffering Americans to the brink with monetary mirage promises just up ahead in the distance.

    Going on vacation after vacation; must be nice! Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Japan and so many other countries actually CARE, a lot, about their citizens and not corporate profit over EVERYTHING else. Maybe, just maybe ours will do something for us soon. We’ll see. The house is burning down; might be a good time to finally call the fire department! Still, I’m doing MY part and getting my vote envelope mailed in this week.


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