Cartoons: Bowling Is the Best!

These cartoons will bowl you over with laughter!


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Bowler taking score
“How much does the pin boy count?”
Wesley Thompson
November 15, 1952


Two men talking in a den; a bowling ball has been turned into a flower pot on a nearby table.
“As a matter of fact I haven’t been bowling since I got married.”
November 12, 1955


Woman preparing to bowl; a young boy lays on the pins.
“Just once, I’d like to get that kid!”
November 5, 1955


Wife buys an expensive coat after her shocked husband loses a bowling bet.
“…then he laughingly replied, ‘Sure, I’ll buy you one if you bowl a perfect game’…”
Bob Barnes
September 17, 1955


Man sticks his fingers into his ears while his bowling ball rolls down the lane.
“It’s that confounded overconfidence of his that bothers me.”
Scott Brown
March 17, 1951


Man throws a powerful strike during a round in bowling
“Now that’s what I call a strike.”
W.F. Brown
March 3, 1956


People at a bowling alley talking about the noise.
“We try to think of it as thunder.”
Eric Ericson
February 25, 1951


Woman bowls slowly
February 10, 1951


Woman charges the bowling pins
“You have to admire her determination.”
February 9, 1957


Women bowling with their boyfriends
“I’ll be glad when George and I are married and I won’t have to pretend to enjoy this.”
Jane Sperry
November 17, 1951


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  1. I love bowling myself Post editors almost as much as neon lights. When the two are combined, it’s twice as nice! When that opportunity (ever) comes back, I’ll be around. I had a little bowling fiasco in May 1971 at the Pickwick Park Bowling alley.

    We were on an end-of-the-8th-grade field trip to Pickwick Park in semi nearby Burbank from the Catholic school in Encino. Anyway, I was bowling with a girl I liked, and she lunged the ball a little too soon. The re-set device was still down when she lunged the ball forward almost hitting it had it not gone into the right side gutter. That was enough for the owner to take us both by the scruff of the neck and shouted “SCRAM YOU TWO! GET OUTTA HERE NOW, G– D— IT !!” We were in trouble with Sister Mary Gregory who shook us and called our parents later.

    So, I have to say #6 from ’56 is my favorite, followed by numbers 3 and 4 from ’55. Number 4 has the SO very political incorrectness (it IS wrong) going for it in addition to the original humor. In number 3 the lady wants to finally ‘get that kid’. Does she, or doesn’t she?


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