Rockwell Files: Freshening Up Our Logo

When the Post underwent a major redesign in 1961, Norman Rockwell painted a special cover reflecting the publication’s new look and new logo.

An artist at his drafting table working on a new Post logo
(Norman Rockwell / © SEPS)

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To reflect its new, modern style in 1961, the Post underwent a major redesign. The magazine changed its editor, layout, typography, and, especially, its logo. Norman Rockwell celebrated the change on the September 16 cover by painting Herbert Lubalin, who created the new Post logo, at his drafting table. The cover was a humorous allusion to a cover Rockwell had painted in 1938 in which the artist portrayed himself surrounded by discarded sketches, staring at a blank canvas and scratching his head in search of a fresh idea.

An artist at his drafting table working on a new Post logo
(Norman Rockwell / © SEPS)

To emphasize the Post’s long history on this cover, he tucked copies of 11 previous Post cover illustrations around the work table. He even included a copy of the Pennsylvania Gazette, founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1728, from which the Post was born.

A cover recalling the Post’s long history is appropriate, we feel, as we approach 2021 — a very special year for the magazine. On August 4, 2021, we will be 200 years old. We think Norman would be proud. We certainly are.

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Featured image: Norman Rockwell / © SEPS

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