September/October 2020 Limerick Laughs Winner and Runners-up

Read the winners of our September/October 2020 Limerick Laughs contest.

John Falter cover

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The boy in the mud started prancing
To impress the cute girl who was glancing.
She opened her eyes
And then asked, quite surprised,
“Is that what they call dirty dancing?”

Congratulations to Cheryl Ireland of Lapeer, Michigan, who won $25 for a fun limerick describing this detail from John Falter’s cover illustration on the May 13, 1950, issue.

If you’d like to enter the Limerick Laughs Contest for our upcoming issue, submit your limerick via our online entry form.

Here are some of our other favorite limericks from this contest, in no particular order:


As the mud squishes up through his toes,
He’s enjoying it, everyone knows.
But he’ll pay for his crime,
And he won’t feel sublime
After Mom sprays him off with the hose.
—Charlotte Ihde, Oconto, Wisconsin


Occasional bouts of hysteria
Afflict the young men in this area.
As witness, this lad
Going stark raving mad
When his punk little sister says, “Dare ya.”
—Jeff Foster, San Francisco, California


Don’t know who I hoped to impress —
My dog, or the girl in the dress.
So I took off my shoes
And stepped into the ooze.
No applause, but ’twas fun nonetheless.
—Ilene Woods, Newton, Illinois


She was often at odds with her brother.
It was always one thing or another.
From the mud, he had said,
“If you tattle, you’re dead,”
So she turned and ran home to tell mother.
—Ken Morgan, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Right down the middle he went.
His stomping, it wouldn’t relent.
But his stompers, they tired,
And his feet became mired
As can happen in curing cement.
—Paxton Grant, Hightown, Virginia


As Mikey marched off in the muck,
Sally said, “You’ll surely get stuck.”
“If I do, then I hope
You might throw me the rope.”
And Sally said, “Yeah right. Good luck.”
—Mike Arndt, Clements, Maryland


Twin sis almost saw the allure,
But she was not as immature
With those braids, matching socks…
That field? And the ox?
“They fertilize that with manure!”
—Leach, Groton, Massachusetts

I walked through the mud for Sue Spader.
She dared me then tattled, the traitor!
My backside got sore,
But I evened the score
By marrying her 15 years later!
—Sheri Ranson, Huntington, West Virginia


Allegra was young but quite smart.
Sported glasses and had a big heart!
Took one look at her brother
And knew that her mother
Would yell at what he called “Mud Art”!
—Dolores M. Sahelian, Mission Viejo, California

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  1. This is how life should begin
    To wade through the muck with a grin
    Either live it and love it
    Or shun it or shove it
    Life is without or within


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