Ten Gifts for Someone Who Loves The Saturday Evening Post

If you’re looking for a nice present or stocking stuffer for the person who’s hard to buy for, check out our unique gift ideas!

mousepad with a post cover on it

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Many folks have fond feelings toward The Saturday Evening Post, whether they remember the magazine sitting on their grandparents’ coffee table or look forward to getting the latest issue in the mail. If you know someone who just loves The Saturday Evening Post, then check out these ideas for the perfect present. 

10. A Norman Rockwell Print

A framed Norman Rockwell print

Everyone has a favorite illustration, whether it’s “Do Unto Others,” “Freedom from Want,” or “Rosie the Riveter.” Order it framed, on canvas, or even as a tapestry.

9. A Yoga Mat with Some Personality

Yoga mat with Saturday Evening Post cover art printed on it

Why stare at a plain mat during downward dog when you could be looking at this illustration of a ballgame by Stevan Dohanos? This 2’x6’ yoga mat will get you ready for shavasana and baseball.

8. Access to Every Issue of The Saturday Evening Post — Ever

Screenshot of the Issue Archives page from The Saturday Evening Post's website

Every subscriber gets full access to our online magazine archive, which dates back to 1821. (When Napoleon was still alive!) You can look up the issue that was published the week you were born, browse short stories, articles, and cartoons, or enjoy old advertisements of brands that are long gone. 

7. A Notebook with Style

Notebook with Post art on the cover

Even if you’re not eager to document 2020 (who is?) this notebook by mid-century Post artist Coby Whitmore will let you take 2021 by storm and in style.

6. A Blanket That Lets You Get Cozy with Rosie

Blanket printed with Norman Rockwell's Rosie the Riveter cover

Norman Rockwell’s Rosie the Riveter may be working hard, but you don’t have to! Wrap up in this nice big 50”x60” soft fleece blanket featuring America’s favorite World War II worker. 

5. A Special Collector’s Edition

Three copies of Special editions by The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post is proud of our 200 years of publishing history, so we occasionally like to gather some of our favorite memories and present them in one of our Special Collector’s Editions. Whether your interests are American Style, the 1960s, or Rockwell’s Christmas, we have the collection that will be sure to please. 

4. A Cool Tote Bag

Tote bag with Post cover art 

For the beach, the library, or the grocery store, these poly-poplin totes are fun and fashionable.

3. A Pair of Pillows

Two pillows that have Post cover art 

Whether you like to play sports or just watch them, these pillows will be perfect for that Sunday afternoon nap.  

2. Selfie-Portrait

Phone case with Norman Rockwell's Triple-self Portrait

What’s more perfect than Norman Rockwell’s triple self-portrait for an iPhone user who takes lots of selfies?

1. A Subscription to The Saturday Evening Post

November/December 2020 issue of The Saturday Evening Post

For $15, subscribers get 6 print issues a year, exclusive member benefits and discounts, and access to our entire archive dating back to 1821. What’s not to love? Get a gift subscription today!

For more gifts, visit our store at pixels.com. For subscriptions and Special Collector’s Editions, visit our Saturday Evening Post shop.  

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  1. I’ve got about 8 or 9 subscriptions that I’ve given for a number of years now that my friends and family are looking forward to every month. at least half will text me “I got my new Post today, and love it already!” So it’s my #1 choice too, followed by the soft cover books. It’s nice to fully see the log burning on the current cover too.


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