The Most Popular Articles of 2020

Notorious fugitives, Civil War memories, Bond, and Broadway all make appearances in our list of the ten most popular articles of 2020. Enjoy!

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1. The 12 Most Mysterious Disappearances

By Troy Brownfield


Hundreds of thousands of Americans go missing every year. Here are some of the cases that continue to capture attention, and some that remain unsolved.

2. Civil War Soldiers’ Final Reunion at Gettysburg

By Thomas R. Flagel

(Library of Congress)

Fifty years after the battle of Gettysburg, in the greatest gathering of conqueror and conquered, veterans sought a chance to heal while politicians preached patriotic amnesia.

3. The 10 Most Notorious Fugitives on the FBI’s Most Wanted List

By Jeff Nilsson


Kidnapping, robbery murder: what does it take to get on the FBI’s Most Wanted list?

4. The 40 Greatest Animated TV Series Theme Songs

By Troy Brownfield


From Japan to Bedrock and all points between, it’s the greatest in animated themes.

5. The Mask Slackers of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

By Nicholas Gilmore

(Theater advertisement in the Sacramento Bee, January 1919)

A century ago, a group of San Franciscans protested restrictive measures during a pandemic while the city Health Officer pleaded for public mask-wearing.

6. We Are The World: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

By Troy Brownfield

One song brought together more than 45 artists to fight famine and make history.

7. 10 Mindblocks that Prevent You from Living the Life You Want

By Jim Taylor, Ph.D.



Is your life driven by worry and fear? Learn to identify the mindblocks that are preventing you from achieving your healthiest goals.

8. 24 James Bond Film, Ranked

By Bob Sassone


Bob Sassone offers his analysis of the worst and best of 007.

9. The 50 Greatest Broadway Musical Albums

By Nicholas Gilmore

(Scene from Oklahoma, 1943-1944, Library of Congress, U.S. Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Black and Whit Photographs)

A definitive list, from Ethel Merman to Lin-Manuel Miranda.

10 .Why Americans Still Eat Barbecue on July Fourth

By Adrian Miller


More than two centuries ago, roasted meat met Independence Day and hasn’t left the national consciousness since.

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