Post Artists: Dick Sargent’s Comical Covers

In the illustrated world of Dick Sargent, life was always funny.

Small boy pouring water onto his sunbathing father
(Dick Sargent / SEPS)

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Featured Image: Dick Sargent cover from June 4, 1955 (©SEPS)

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  1. Marjorie, They were, in fact, two different people. Apologies if the video did not make that clear!

  2. I have a confession to make: Although I’ve always loved the Saturday Evening Post, and watched every episode of “Bewitched,” I had no idea until this minute that Dick Sargent, the artist, was also Dick Sargent, the actor. I’m pretty old but never, ever knew that and somehow feel I’ve been robbed! Thank you for these covers and for making the connection, and now another gem has been added to my knowledge.

  3. I really love Dick Sargent’s mid-century Post covers a lot, Jeff. Thanks for this video! If I had to pick out my MOST favorite of his covers, they would be ‘Doggy Buffet’ and ‘Mother’s Day Card’ from January and May ’57 respectively.

    In the first one the look of shock/horror on the woman’s face holding the hors d’ouuvre is priceless, not to mention the dog’s! The May cover I just find very sweet and touching. Here’s a little boy that loves his Mom so much he couldn’t wait to give her his school-made Mother’s Day card; muddy rubbers on the carpet and all. I like to think she looked at that face knowing his intent, gave him a nice hug, loved the card and he didn’t get into trouble. Still, he at least needed to help Mom clean up the carpet and we shan’t let that happen again.

    Didn’t Dick Sargent sometimes use Richard Sargent as his signature on Post covers too sometimes? I thought he did. As for the actor Dick Sargent, ‘Bewitched’ fans need to cut him some slack as the 2nd ‘Darrin’. The role needed to recast due to beloved Dick York having to leave the show for medical reasons, leaving Sargent with some big shoes to fill, and he did a great job. He just wasn’t Dick York, and that’s not his fault.

    (When talking about ‘Bewitched’ one of my favorite characters was Phyllis Stevens, Darrin’s Mom, played to perfection by Mabel Albertson. Does anyone remember the episode where Endora was changing Samantha’s living room into something exotic and Samantha changed it back; with the back ‘n forth repeating several times. Unbeknownst to either was Phyllis coming in front door, witnessing the shock, and doing a fainting/slide down against the wall. One of the ONLY times Samantha was totally caught off guard when she turned around! This episode was from the Dick Sargent era in early 1970.) “Frank, I have a sick headache.”


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