Logophile: Jeanine the Wise

Wordy brain teasers are in your future!

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  1. Jeanine the Wise, the king’s ______, foretells the future by reading omens.
    1. auger
    2. augur
  2. Jeanine vowed to return at the next plenilune, so the king expects her
    1. at noon the next day.
    2. at sunset the next day.
    3. at the next full moon.
  3. Jeanine likes schooners not yachts, sentences not paragraphs, and networks not streaming. What does Jeanine like?


  1. b
  2. c
  3. Jeanine likes words that contain numbers, like schooner, sentence, and network.

—Andy Hollandbeck is the Post’s copy editor and managing editor

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  1. I guessed right on the first one. The 2nd one with ‘plenilune’ kind of looked like ‘plenty of moon’ or full moon. # 3 required more thought—-and the answer.


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