Cartoons: Department Store Delirium

You can get almost anything – including some laughs – at the department store!

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Man looking for suspenders asks information
Tom Henderson
October 28, 1950


Woman looks for a toy that would interest both her son and husband
“The boy is eight and his father is thirty-two.”
Chon Day
November 23, 1957


Woman attempts to return a perfume that's been attracting creepers.
“I’d like a refund on this perfume. I don’t care for the man it attracted.”
Doug Follette
July 15, 1950
Woman tries on a nightgown that hangs very loosely off of her.
“Of course, we’ll have to shorten the straps a little…”
Ernest Marquez
July 14, 1951


Mother finds a complicated toy in a department store.
“It can easily be assembled by any eight-year-old with an engineering degree.”
Kaz (Larry Katzman)
February 15, 1958


Man complains about the time he spent in a department store to the staff.
“You open too early, and stay open too long!”
Herb Williams
May 26, 1951


Shopper grabs a salesman's tie, thinking it's part of the merchandise.
“Sorry, sir, but that’s mine.”
Joseph Farris
February 28, 1959


Salesman pitches a realistic dollhouse to a father and daughter.
“It’s very realistic, complete with plumbing that goes haywire, appliances that don’t work and backbreaking payments.”
Glenn Bernhardt
February 14, 1959


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  1. The cartoons have always been the highlight of the Post.
    That is not to say the rest are bad but the toons are the best.
    Thanks for bringing back forgotten memories from 60 years ago.

  2. I have always found the cartoons to be a joy and superb reflection of ordinary American life. I live in the UK and was fascinated when I bought my first Saturday Evening Post in 1948 at the local news stand. I was quite excited and particularly captivated as family on my mother’s side were American from Philadelphia our forebears having set sail from UK in 1632. I have no idea why they emigrated to the UK. My great, great, great grandfather was a Colonel in the New JerseyVolunteers, wounded twice. I have managed to obtain all his army and family documents and that is a part of family history I really value.
    Naturally I have a special feeling for the US and I kept my subscription going until it appeared impossible to print my details on the plastic cover. Perhaps you have managed to solve that problem. If so please let me know.

  3. These are wonderful cartoons, all taking place in the great American department store. My favorite this week is number 4 of course, with its ties to the ’75 ‘ugly green dress’ episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Saw it again recently. One of the best in the series!

    Number 8 on the bottom pulls no punches. The salesman knows that little girl loves it, and Dad’s going to buy it. I love number 6 about the hours. I have to tell you, working in a dept. store was wonderful even in the un-glamorous account adjusting (collections) dept. Just outside those doors was like stepping into technicolor from black & white.


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