Gallery: Holiday Covers

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Near Year's: Take a look a our gallery of the most cherished holiday artwork by Norman Rockwell and others.

Soldier peels potatoes with his mother while on leave.

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Soldier peels potatoes with his mother while on leave.
Home for Thanksgiving
by Norman Rockwell
November 24, 1945


Large family enjoy a Thanksgiving meal
Freedom from Want
Norman Rockwell
March 6, 1943

Norman Rockwell brilliantly reveals the concept of thankfulness in his portrait of a mother proudly peeling potatoes with her son, just home from the war, and in a family happily sharing a traditional meal.

Firefighters put up Christmas decorations at their station
Christmas at the Fire Station
Stevan Dohanos
December 16, 1950


Adults admire a train set on display at a department toy store
Christmas Train Set
George Hughes
December 15, 1956


Christmas shoppers crowd at a bus stop while carrying their gifts.
Bus Stop Christmas
Stevan Dohanos
December 13, 1952

Sometimes the best Christmas memories are the unexpected ones, such as stopping to watch firemen set up their decorations on a chill winter’s evening, or having one’s inner child entranced by a store window display. Fortunately, these pleasant moments crowd out the hassles of fighting one’s way through seasonal crowds.

Young girl puts her letter to Santa in the mailbox while her puppy watches.
Letter to Santa
J.C. Leyendecker
December 20, 1913


A boy acts innocent and sweet during December because he doesn't want to wind up on Santa's naughty list.
A Good Boy
J.C. Leyendecker
December 11, 1915


Toddler peeks through the doors to her family's living room to see if Santa's presents are under the tree.
Christmas Peek
Mary Ellen Sigsbee
December 22, 1934

After sending wish lists to Santa, there’s the long wait during which one tries to maintain the angelic façade described to Santa in one’s missives. Then there’s the magic of Christmas Eve, when it’s impossible to resist sneaking a peek at the activity unfolding in the living room.

Waiter at a New Year's Eve party is despondent because everyone around him is making out except him.
Midnight and Nobody to Kiss
Constantin Alajálov
December 31, 1949


Hotel's senior waiter surveys the mess wrought by the previous night's New Year Eve's party and slumps his shoulders
Happy New Year
Norman Rockwell
December 29, 1945

The look on artist Constantin Alajálov’s waiter’s face says this isn’t his first New Year’s without a kiss. Such forgotten heroes of holiday parties were also honored by Norman Rockwell. His model, a senior waiter at the Waldorf, had seen countless New Year’s morning clean-ups, which is why the dejected slump of his shoulders is so realistic.

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Featured image: Illustration by Norman Rockwell

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