Cartoons: Nurse Mirth

A nurse’s job is tough, but nurses are tougher!

Nurse cartoon

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nursing cartoons
“He asked if I thought I could ever learn to care for him. I don’t know if he was proposing or complaining about my work.”
Ray Helle
September 16, 1950


woman crying
Al Kaufman
June 5, 1954


nurse cartoon
“We can’t go on seeing each other this way, Rose.”
Jack Tyrrell
May 8, 1958


nurse cartoon
“I thought this would be a good way to meet some doctors, but I wish now I’d got sick, instead.”
Martha Blanchard
October 14, 1950


nurse cartoon
Al Johns
March 29, 1958


nurse cartoon
“Well, that makes us even! This is the first time I’ve ever given one!”
Al Johns
January 23, 1960


Nurse cartoons
“I don’t see any parade.”
Al Johns
January 11, 1958


Nurse cartoon
William O’Brien
October 18, 1952


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  1. I can see by the “WOKE”folks comments above that they are unable to enjoy a laugh…to bad a generation of sad sacks are among us!

  2. What bothers me most are the nurses in heels. Lol.we wouldn’t make it thru our shift.

  3. I love these! I went to a college which had (and still has!) an excellent nursing program and I’ve been to a few pinning ceremonies. The nurses I knew would have laughed at these cartoons. (Some of them may have lived these cartoons!)

  4. They are jokes for goodness sakes.
    Our nurses in America are adored. We have caregivers and nurses in our family and I am so proud of them.

  5. I like the one where he has his head turned and rear end up in prime position for a surprise vaccination while trying to find the parade. Now that’s funny.

  6. I think these cartoons are disrespectful to nurses. Bob’s first sentence comment probably is as well, but he says things indirectly for some reason so I’m not sure. I suppose it could be needing help with a food tray or adjusting the pillow, but somehow have my doubts. Our poor nurses in this country and what’s asked of them.

  7. Well, in the top cartoon (’50) at least he didn’t ask her for a helping hand. In ‘toon 2, what’s a nurse to do? I’ll bet one baby’s crying set off the dozen or so others here, just like today’s car alarms. I’d be overwhelmed too!

    #4 (’50) seems like it could be related to the top cartoon. For a nurse to say she’d rather be sick is bad. B-b-b-bad! Number 5 is plain scary, and numbers 6 to 8 are mainly kind of weird and degrading. At least number 8 didn’t have an injection needle. Of course being in a full body cast, there wouldn’t have been anywhere TO inject him, right?


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