January/February 2022 Limerick Laughs Winner and Runners-up

Limericks of a lovestruck lad

Normans Rockwell's Cupid's Visit

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The moonings of Elmer McKay
Put needed reforms into play.
His crush unrequited,
The cherubs united
And struck for an 8-hour day.

Congratulations to Jeff Foster of San Francisco, California, who won $25 for his limerick describing Norman Rockwell’s Cupid’s Visit, from the cover of our April 5, 1924, issue.

If you’d like to enter the Limerick Laughs Contest for our upcoming issue, submit your limerick via our online entry form.

Here are some more great limerick entries from this contest, in no particular order:

I know that this girl is right purty;
You’re blushing and acting quite flirty.
But as for your part:
You’re not thinking smart.
Your big, eager ears are too dirty!
—Lorraine Ray, Knoxville, Tennessee

A young man sits on his tuffit
And dreams of his Little Miss Muffit.
But a cherub named Cupid
Says, “Please don’t be stupid.
She’s just gonna tell you to stuff it.”
—Donna Acquaviva, Mint Hill, North Carolina

Said Eros, “Your love problem’s small –
My ruddy wings don’t work at all.
I’m nude so I shiver,
I’m scratched by my quiver,
And I am only ten inches tall.”
—Bob Turvey, Stoke Bishop, Bristol United Kingdom

Dreaming of love can be daunting,
More so for a boy who is wanting
A gal by his side
Who’s willing to bide
The colorful socks he is flaunting.
—Paul Desjardins, West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

A dapper young wooer named Matt,
Too love-struck to look where he sat,
Heard a little voice say,
“There’s no romance today,
For you’ve perched on a fragrant cow pat!”
—Henrik Strandskov, Luck, Wisconsin

The things that you’re making me hear!
It’s hard to believe them, my dear.
My mom never told me.
When asked, she would scold me.
So that’s how I got to be here!
—Rudy Landesman, New York City, New York

“You’re bewildered, I quite understand.
All you did was to ask for her hand.
That she shattered your dream
With that terrible scream …
Well, it wasn’t the end that I’d planned.”
—Anthony Holmes, Launceston, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Cupid, purveyor of passion,
Was corrupting the youth in his fashion.
All it took was a prick
To make them lovesick
And ripe for Big Greeting Card’s cash-in.
—Josh Connolly, Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand

So hopeless was Lou the librarian
That Cupid became a contrarian
And said, “I agree
There are fish in the sea,
But you’re better off vegetarian.”
—Gennadiy Gurariy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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  1. Great batch of limericks this time out from some very talented readers! A few of them are even better than the winning one in my humble opinion! Good job!


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