Logophile: Dress to Impress

Put your fashion vocabulary to the test with this short word quiz.


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  1. For the final fitting, the designer invited the model into her ______
    1. abattoir.
    2. atelier.
    3. trottoir.
  2. She pinned a scarf around the model’s neck with an elaborate ______
    1. broach.
    2. brooch.
  3. The dress was created using only fabrics that were named after places. What did it not include?
    1. Chantilly lace
    2. Denim
    3. Flannel
    4. Suede


1. b. atelier

2. b. brooch

3. c. flannel

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  1. My fashion vocabulary here isn’t good. Brooch was the only one I got right. That not withstanding, I like the understated sexy Shutterstock photo, featuring that beautiful brooch.


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