The Logophile: Architecture, Unread Novels, and Away

Test your word wisdom with our managing editor's short quiz.


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  1. Paige keeps a large _______________ of unread novels in her basement, in case the library ever closes.
    a. cache
    b. cachet
    c. sachet
  2. Which of the following words is not a term used in architecture?
    a. architrave
    b. burgonet
    c. pilaster
    d. purlin
  3. The common prefix dis- comes from a Latin root that sometimes indicates “away” or “off.” Which one of the following words does not use this dis- prefix?
    a. discard
    b. discern
    c. dismal
    d. dispense










  1. a. cache
  2. b. burgonet
  3. c. dismal, which comes from the Latin dies mali, meaning “bad days.”

Andy Hollandbeck is the Post’s copy editor and managing editor.

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