January/February 2023 Limerick Laughs Winner and Runners-up

A talking dog? This girl is not going to be fooled.

Boys make girl think dog can talk

Bozo, the Talking Dog
Alan Foster
September 1, 1928

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He thought, “She’s as dumb as an ox,
While I am as sly as a fox.”
But clever Marie
Said, “It’s easy to see
That the real Bozo’s under the box.”

Congratulations to Jeanne Kaufman of Boulder, Colorado, who won $25 for this limerick describing Alan Foster’s Bozo the Talking Dog, the cover image from our September 1, 1928, issue.

If you’d like to enter the Limerick Laughs Contest for our upcoming issue, submit your limerick via our online entry form.

Here are some more great limerick entries from this contest, in no particular order:

“I think you’re mutterly berserk, Les,
A ringleader with no sane purpose.
Unless your dog’s fleas
Can fly on a trapeze,
This is just a three ding-a-ling circus.”

—Denise Nipps, Peoria, Illinois


In attempting sweet Molly to woo,
There was nothing sly Mike wouldn’t do.
He forced his pal Steve
To help make her believe
That a puppy had woofed, “He loves you.”

—James Johnston, Poland, Ohio


Hi, talking dog, my name’s Brinner.
Take this message to my brother, Skinner:
“I’m as sly as a fox,
Now get out of that box;
You’ve got ten minutes to get home for dinner.”

—Ronald Levinsky, South Salem, New York


Don’t you smirk and begin getting sassy!
You should know that my pedigree’s classy.
My dad’s Rin Tin Tin —
Lots of movies he’s in;
And my mom is the superstar Lassie.

—Rudy Landesman, New York City, New York


I can see that this dog’s like no other
By the words that he clearly can utter.
What I don’t understand —
Please explain, if you can,
Why his voice sounds so much like my brother.

—Christine Coates, Pawling, New York


“Oh, spare me the tails and top hat,”
Sis said, “everyone knows dogs can chat.
If you want to impress,
Get the cat to confess
To his sins — now, I’d pay to see that.”

—Lisa Timpf, Simcoe, Ontario


These showmen gave magic a whirl,
And managed to dazzle this girl,
Till the doggie they backed
Pulled a vanishing act
In pursuit of a neighborhood squirrel.

—Jeff Foster, San Francisco, California


A talking dog? What could be cuter!
What a valiant attempt by my suitor.
I’ll feign a surprise
’Cause he tries and he tries,
But I think that his wingman is cuter!

—Daniel Bishop, Oakland, California


This charlatan’s job’s a delight,
To keep his cohort out of sight.
But if Kate sees what’s up
With this ordinary pup,
Her bark will be worse than his bite!

—Rose Lavenburg, Brooklyn, New York


Dear miss, please come take a gander
At Bozo, this fine dog of grandeur.
He’ll talk up a storm,
With perfect word form
(If Charlie can hold in his laughter).

—Brandon Fey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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