April brings more than showers!



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We may be waiting for the May flowers, but new artwork is popping everywhere at Curtis. As we have mentioned before, our design team is always hard at work creating new designs and bringing new life to classic artwork. Overtime we have always endeavored to improve the ways we service our existing and potential licensees. There are many players in the licensing industry willing to license their artwork or properties, many of them with artwork that is frankly not that unique. So, how do we separate ourselves from the herd? At Curtis, we believe the answer is for us to not just be an art “source”, but to literally become a creative design agency for our licensees.
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Prior newsletters have mentioned that our team can create custom designs, mockups and even sell sheets fit for final presentation.

Since a picture is worth 1000 words, we wanted to show some actual examples. One of the companies that has helped us stretch our creative muscles is our tabletop licensee Godinger. At their request, we have created many thematic collections of images including floral, graffiti-inspired and one of our most recent, “Repeat the Roar 2020”.

Our team took Godinger’s notes on what they were looking for, found the appropriate artwork from our archive and created a whole collection with a unique and fresh look that Godinger debuted at this month’s New York Tabletop Show! Godinger’s collections are a perfect example of our start-to-finish process. Whether you have a specific look you are going for, or whether you have a concept that you need help bringing to life, our talented team of designers can make it a reality!

As we get closer and closer to Licensing Show 2019, we hope you keep this service in mind. There are not many licensing agents that will offer this type of customization so we really hope you give us a chance to prove ourselves to you!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or need new art!!
You can reach us at (317) 634-1100.
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