The Tradeshow calendar may still look a bit different than pre-pandemic, but that is not stopping Curtis Licensing from exhibiting at the 2021 Licensing Show, at least virtually! As most of you probably know, this year the annual Licensing Show will be held virtually this year August 24th-26th. While we will certainly miss seeing all our licensees […]


And just like that 2021 is half over! Summer is here and things are finally getting back to normal for most of us in the US. However, there are still challenges as many of us continue to struggle with international shipping delays and lack of raw materials. As we continue to make the best of the current […]

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  And just like that we are in the swing of summer. And that only means one thing for us at Curtis Licensing…new art collections, and lots of them! Always popular pets take center stage in our brand new colorful pet portraits collection. These images are currently available for a wide variety of products, so please […]

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As the days get warmer and flowers start popping everywhere, we feel a renewed sense of hope and optimism. The trade webinars are emphasizing fresh and “positive” colors for 2021 and 2022 collections, and we are happy to embrace those with new Easter and spring themed artwork. On the licensing front, it seems the word of the […]

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  While February brought a lot of snow and havoc to most parts of the country, as we head into March, things are starting to look up. The trade publications show various retailers having increased traffic and sales and with the weather warming up a bit we are optimistic for the upcoming spring season. As usual, we have […]

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2021 is finally here and while things have not drastically changed overnight, we are all looking at this year with hope and anticipation. In fact, 2021 brings us the opportunity to celebrate a huge anniversary for us at Curtis. On August 4th our beloved The Saturday Evening Post will be celebrating 200 Years! As the licensing division of America’s oldest magazine, […]

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We are only a few days away from the Thanksgiving holiday and it feels appropriate to feel grateful. Despite this year’s many challenges, we have been able to work from home, produce some great new art collections, forge new exciting partnerships and expand programs with our existing licensees! On the International front, we are thrilled […]


As the crisp autumn air settles in, we are all ready for a new season and the changes it brings. 2020 has been a doozy, but by now, many of us are getting a handle on our new normal. Despite the challenges, at Curtis we continue to create artwork, forge new license agreements and look […]

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  As this remarkable year begins to wind down, many of us are dreaming of going back to “normal” in the new year. With the holidays fast approaching, we are starting to get the traveling bug again. That wanderlust feeling is the inspiration for our new “Ombre travel art” collection. With their simple design and vibrant colors, […]

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We are now officially more than half way done with 2020 and we only have one thing to say about that …HURRAY! This year has brought so many challenges for everyone that frankly, we are already looking forward to 2021. And with that in mind, at Curtis we continue to work on art that reflects […]

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It seems we are living in a whole new world. Everywhere you look, things are changing…from the way we retail shop, to our social awareness on different issues, things are evolving fast. In fact, just last week we participated in the 1st ever Virtual Licensing Show. After having to cancel and re-route our arrangements for the actual […]

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As we continue to navigate our “new normal”, at Curtis we are taking this time of adjustment to look ahead and prepare for the times to come. We, like many of our licensees are on a bit of a holding pattern. We are not sure if upcoming tradeshows will even take place, and it is hard […]

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  Nobody can deny March has been interesting to say the least. As we work from our kitchens, home offices and living rooms, trying to keep business as usual has been challenging. However, at Curtis, we are keeping our spirits high and our attitudes positive. We are fortunate that our whole team is able to […]


After a several-year hiatus from exhibiting at the Surtex show, we are happy to say that the big apple did not disappoint. During the show, we were able to see quite a few people who don’t attend the other shows we exhibit at or attend. We were also able to continue productive discussions with some of […]

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