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For over six decades, The Saturday Evening Post was a weekly magazine featuring covers by America’s greatest illustrators. Together, the covers create an incredible pictorial history of America’s unique culture. This rich archive encompasses over 8,000 covers, inside illustrations, photographs, articles and cartoons not only from the Post, but also from various other publications under The Saturday Evening Post umbrella including Country Gentleman, Jack and Jill, Turtle and Child Life magazines, among others.

With over 500 artists and just as many notable authors, the archive yields an extraordinarily rich diversity of styles and themes that are just as relevant today as they day they were created.

As the licensing arm for The Saturday Evening Post, Curtis Licensing has the honor and privilege to offer companies around the world the opportunity to utilize these materials on their merchandise programs and promotional campaigns. With over 30 years of experience in the licensing industry, we will guide you through the agreement process and we will work side by side with you to make your program as successful as possible.

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