What will it cost to license one or more images from Curtis Licensing?/ What kind of financial terms are required for a license?

The cost of the license or the financial terms depend on the use. Most merchandise agreements will require a royalty be paid for product sold. In some cases we may also require a recoupable advance to be paid at the start of the license. After the advance is recouped, licensees simply pay a royalty for each product sold thereafter. If the use does not involve merchandise (advertisement, books, TV shows, etc) we would simply do a one-time flat fee type arrangement.

Can I modify or crop the images?

Absolutely. We completely understand that in many cases, the images need to be modified to better fit our licensee’s needs. We allow cropping, color swapping, adding or removing elements as well as many other types of manipulation. We are happy to go over this with you when we discuss a program.

Can I use images on my website?

Uses of our images on a website may require a license and fee. Please contact us to discuss the use you have in mind in more detail so we can answer any specific questions you may have.

What rights are included in the license?

Unless otherwise noted, a license would encompass the copyright clearance to use the materials you are interested in (illustrations, text, photos, etc.) as well as a providing a high res file of said material. The agreement you secure will clearly specify the many ways in which you can use the images as well as the uses that are not included.

Will I receive high res files as part of the license?

Yes. High resolution files of the materials are always included.

Can I get assistance creating designs?

Definitely. We love assisting our licensees with their creative needs and have a talented design team that can visualize, create and modify designs for you upon request. The best part is that so long as the design work can be done in-house, there are no additional fees for this service.

Will my agreement be exclusive?

While agreements are not automatically exclusive for the category of goods, we are happy to discuss possible exclusivity with you.

How many images can I access or use if I secure a license?

There is no restriction to the number of images that you can use under a license.

I see images posted all over the web, does that mean I can use them?

No, it does not. The fact that images may appear on the internet or even posted on certain sites, it does not mean that the images are free of copyright and available to use without a proper license. We do frequently pursue unauthorized uses online, so if in doubt, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you.

Do I have to use The Saturday Evening Post name on the image?

No, you do not. The use of the SEP “masthead” is a stylistic choice, but not an obligation.

How many images are part of the Curtis Licensing Archive?

The Curtis Licensing Archive includes images from not only The Saturday Evening Post, but also various other magazines, including Country Gentleman, Jack & Jill, Child Life, Humpty Dumpty and Turtle. Our archive currently has in excess of 8,000 illustrations and continues to grow as we gather more images.

Will my image selection be limited to a particular artist or magazine?

No, unless otherwise noted in your agreement, you would be able to select images or materials from a variety of publications and/or artists.

I don’t see what I am looking for… do you have more images?

Yes! Please contact us so we can help you search specifically what you are looking for.


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