At Curtis Licensing, we provide our licensees with access to our vast collection of images, articles, photographs and other copyrighted assets and assist them with every step of the licensing process to enable them to utilize those assets.

Under a Curtis license, licensees can utilize our images in a variety of product categories including wall art, gifts and collectibles, holiday decorations, stationery, home décor, kitchen & bath textiles, apparel and many more.

Non-merchandise uses of our archive materials include books, Television shows, exhibits, print advertisements and promotional uses.

From our initial discussion, we will guide you through the financial term negotiation, contract discussion and execution as well as product submissions and approvals. Throughout the process, our main focus will be to do whatever we can to ensure the success of your program!


The Licensing industry has changed a lot in the last 30 years and we understand that sometimes our artwork needs some work in order to better serve our Licensee’s needs. Sometimes, licensees prefer to do the work on their own, but for those who don’t we offer full in-house design services, at no additional cost to you. Our design services include:

  • modification of files (adjust color, remove or add elements etc.)
  • creation of production-ready mockups for single or a full-line of products
  • creation of presentations, catalogs and other materials to assist in your sales efforts
  • create and provide digital thematic folders of artwork that highlight various trending themes such as Lodge, Nautical, Christmas, etc.


Over the last 5 years, our archive team has been busy scanning and digitizing every page from every magazine under our publishing umbrella.  As a result, we have a state of the art database readily available to search and find whatever design theme, artist or style of image you may be searching for.  As a service to our licensees, we are able to search events, artist time periods, elements, articles and subject matter.  This same database can be used to find articles, stories, photos and other materials. This has been a highly beneficial service for our licensees.  When we say, “challenge us with your art needs” we really mean it!  We are still uncovering new imagery and assets all the time.


The Saturday Evening Post has always been regarded as the stepping stone for many artists. From Norman Rockwell, to N.C. Wyeth, to J.C. Leyendecker and many others, the Post has always enjoyed and fomented its association with great art.
Today, we continue that tradition by collaborating with other artists and assisting them on their licensing programs. Acting as their agent, we attend tradeshows, seek category-specific licensing programs as well as negotiate and administer contracts on their behalf.
If you are interested in possible representation, please contact us to discuss.


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