New Art! Blooms & Mushrooms

The Atlanta show spoke loud and clear and botanicals are hot! Our team has been hard at work creating new collections and updating looks of existing ones to meet this continuing trend.

One of the most visible themes at the show were mushrooms. Whether in figural form or in artful 2D renditions, mushrooms were everywhere and we get why. Mushrooms in all their forms and varieties are not only beautiful, but they also exude a certain magic quality reminding us of the small beautiful treasures that live in the forest floor waiting to be discovered. We are now delighted to offer a variety of mushroom varieties, both in delicate neutral tones as well as in full color! We even included a few friendly critters to the assortment. Do you need a mushroom variety we did not include? Let us know and we will do that next!

Click on image for a larger preview!

From a color stand point, it is clear that neutrals like beige, warm tans and terracotta are ruling home décor right now. These home-friendly colors can be easily combined with earthy blues and greens to bring a refined fresh new look to any product. This trend was the inspiration for our updated collection of designs. Our new lineup, includes reinvented botanical patterns, Mexican inspired “tiles” and calming boho designs that would be perfectfor home décor and other products! We just love this look, and will be happy to help you incorporate it into your line.

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The Terra Cotta Collection

Also following the botanical cue, we have added various fresh florals featured against dramatic dark backgrounds. These images add a twist to the usual look of botanical prints bringing the details and lines of the delicate blooms to the forefront. These images are currently available for use in a variety of applications.

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The Midnight Garden-Chalk Collection

As always, all images can be adapted or modified to fit your needs. Creating a pattern, changing colors, or adding text, are easy changes that our talented designers can do for you. Do you have theme or image ideas? Please send us your thoughts. We would love to hear from you!.


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