Our beloved magazine turned 200 years old this month (on August 8th), and it is hard to not be impressed by the significance of such an achievement. The Saturday Evening Post has chronicled the evolution of our country for two centuries, and in the process, has generated a massive collection of visual assets which our licensees will continue to enjoy for many years. At Curtis, we are proud to be part of this legacy and enjoyed being featured on the most recent issue of Total Brand Licensing magazine. Click below to read full article.



This month, we also took part of the 2021 Virtual Licensing Expo. While we really missed meeting with our licensees and potential partners in person, we were grateful for the opportunity to have discussions with them virtually. In the coming days, we will be gathering materials and following up on the various art requests we received during the show. Hopefully we will have new programs to announce soon.

These last few weeks, our talented designers have been busy creating designs for some of our frequently requested collections. These include “fall and harvest” as well as “inspirational” images. Here are just a few examples of the newly created illustrations:


Since the tradeshow schedule has been affected by Covid 19, we welcome your input on themes or specific trend-based images that you would like to see more of (whether for everyday products or holiday-specific), so please let us know. We look forward to your ideas!

Stay safe and healthy! Your friends at Curtis Licensing