Spring is Here!

As the days get warmer and flowers start popping everywhere, we feel a renewed sense of hope and optimism. The trade webinars are emphasizing fresh and “positive” colors for 2021 and 2022 collections, and we are happy to embrace those with new Easter and spring themed artwork.

On the licensing front, it seems the word of the moment is “NFT”. If you are not familiar with non- fungible tokens or their impressive value potential, you are probably the only one. NFTs are being mentioned in all the news wires lately, as they are the latest craze not only for original digital artwork, but also in the licensing world. We are thrilled to announce that our licensee, It’s a Wonderful World, will now offer limited edition NFT prints and NFT one-of-a-kind works by renowned artist Mr. Brainwash, which will incorporate our classic artwork. We could not think of a better partner to be venturing into this new digital world with, and are excited to see what Mr. Brainwash comes up with!

Spring is also a good time for new releases at retail, including our fun-farm animal themed collection by Godinger, available now at Hobby Lobby.

Godinger also launched a posh “animal skins” line done in gold which was recently featured by interior design influencer Instagram account Inspire_me_home_decor! We think this collection turned out amazing and is something most people would not even associate with The Saturday Evening Post.

We know many of you are working on the spring/summer collections while others are working on Christmas. So, this is the perfect time to reach out and ask us to create some designs for you. Whether you need a simple tweak to an existing image or an entirely new collection, we can do it for you, so do not hesitate to ask!!
Stay safe and healthy,
Your Friends at Curtis Licensing.
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