Most Popular Contemporary Fiction of 2018

Looking for a good read? Here are our most popular short stories from 2018.

1. Daughter Pain by Rolli

Scribble drawing of a woman

The untimely death of Anna’s husband leaves a small town wondering about the motives behind the young couple’s courtship.

2. Into Each Life by Benjamin Kilgore

Close-up of a horse

A boy befriends the filly tethered in his backyard, both longing to break free from the silence around them.

3. Montana by Conor McNamara

A green field in Montana with mountains on the horizon.

Sam, a college dropout living in Browning, Montana, isn’t sure what he’s looking for. Enter Debbie, a master’s degree student who’s sworn off men after her recent divorce.

4. Bucket List by Ken McAlpine

Dragonfly in fllght

“Our family isn’t big on frills. We use what works. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be magic.”

5. Dollhouse by Daniel Thomas

House at the end of a tree-lined path.

Sarabeth returns home after her grandmother’s funeral — only to discover her brother Donnie and uncle Reed have nefarious plans for her inheritance.

6. Skyscrapers by Bari Lynn Hein

A set of windows in the brick wall of an apartment building.

Nursing an injury, Kate stares out the window of her 43rd-floor apartment and notices a face staring back.

7. Leaves by Miranda Faye Dillon

Leaves and water

To Scott, Keith is his son’s imaginary friend. To Scott’s wife, Keith is the love she’s never had before.

8. Eleven Jewish Korean Vets by Susan J. Powers

Woman stealing a chocolate bar from a supermarket.

A young woman struggles with addiction and attraction in this artfully woven coming-of-age story.

9. Music of Angels by John M. Floyd

An old bell.

A chance encounter leads to a rekindled romance.

10. Local News by Alex Andrew Hughes

Older man flipping through television channels with his remote.

Mr. and Mrs. Reed may have been condemned to sink ever deeper into their chairs were it not for a ray of light shocking them both out of their stupor: the local news.