How to Fix the ‘Soap Opera Effect’

Today’s TVs can do a lot more than those of yesteryear. But, like many technical objects, they can be tricky to use. Here are some ways to tweak your flat screen to make your smart More

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Top 10 Apps for Meditation

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Travel Apps

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Stuck in the Internet Slow Lane

Thanks to the telephone industry, Americans pay more to get poorer Web speed and service than citizens of nearly every other industrialized nation. More

Insidious Power Drains

You can switch to high-efficiency light bulbs, but that’s only half the battle. Americans spend a huge chunk of our energy bill on tech gear More

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Top 4 Tiny Tablets

Want portability and convenience? One of the new breed of mini tablets might be just what you need. More

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Six Apps for Dining on Vacation

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Ten Handy Vacation Apps

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