5-Minute Fitness Video: The Cobra Pose

Strengthen your neck, back, and shoulders with Cobra Pose, a yoga move that emphasizes the upper body in a low-impact workout.

5-Minute Fitness from The Saturday Evening Post. Try the Cobra Pose, demonstrated by Molly Tittle from Invoke Studio in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Watch the video and follow along as fitness instructor Molly Tittle from Invoke Studio in Indianapolis, Indiana, shows you how to get the most out of the Cobra Pose (instructions follow).

In this demonstration, you will need a yoga mat. There are several variations to the Cobra Pose, and this variation targets the same muscles–the back, neck, and shoulders–but offers a stronger emphasis on the upper body.

Cobra Pose Instructions

1. Kneel on mat with toes hanging off one edge.

2. While facing the mat, lean toward the ground, supporting your weight with your arms.

3. Keep hips touching the ground and push up with arms.

4. Lift neck and keep shoulders locked.

5. Return to the ground slowly, exhaling as you go.

6. End in child’s pose.

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  1. This video is not the same as what was described in the Post which referred to weights and a standing position (pg. 28)


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